2017年8月1日 星期二

(老人家開箱文) 小朋友的多用途耗電車--- Globber 5 in 1 unboxing<中英文版>


Recently Ice cream has grown into the period of time that we need to non-stop chasing at him. Especially when we try to cross the street with busy traffic and he insists not to have his hand held by us, then his mother and I can only choose to grab him from the belly and carry the little guy in the air so everyone would see a little monster crazily brandish four limbs while "swimming across the street". Of course it comes another chasing game after this.


In order to save some body strength, his mother and I always take turns to chase the little beast. While after he's satisfied with the running, he would turn back to us and ask for our carrying (we don't always bring the stroller out), and that is the time when we get our strength depleted....


In order to solve the problem, we tried really hard to find something that might interests Ice cream and also be able to use up all his batteries.

I spent sometime searching online and first it comes the "tricycle with a long handle bar" so parents can control the direction and speed of the tricycle from the back. My wife loved it whereas I think we will still have to buy another scooter when he get a bit older but there's absolutely no room in our house to contain both....


After a whole week of web surfing and really hard reading (I don't usually read...), the dad finally found a perfect solution which can not only to deplete the little monster's energy but also can substitute our exhausted arms when he feels tired:

GLOBBER 5 in 1! 

This is my unboxing review~

The packaging

5 ways of using it

There are images showing how it looks like when a kid's using it

Unbox it then you would see four parts that can be assembled to a bike or scooter

Wheels with silicon cover. The cover can absorb the shaking and makes it more stable while its running

A big GLOBBER on the seat

Press the black button in the front and you can fix the direction to only straight. It is said to help little kids to learn how to ride the scooter in the beginning.

When you press the button down, you can see the red latch in the bottom of the scooter stuck the turntable of wheels.

There is a wheel cover designed to prevent water spay so even when it's wet outside, you don't need to worry about having a dark line in the back of your kid's shirt.

The joint that links the seat and the long handle bar. The red latch makes sure the joint is tightly fixed.

The long handle bar

The height of handle bar is adjustable and you can tightly fix the handle bar so it won't even shake a bit while kid riding the scooter or parents controlling the bike.

Really thin and small instruction which could be neglected as it is super simple to assemble.

The footrest for bike. You can twist off the knob to put in or take off the footrest.

The body of the scooter, it can carry up to 50kg of weight.

*第一階段組成 The first usage

We assemble all parts

It looks a bit weird along but when the kid is on it you will fing it quite well designed.

*第二階段組成 The second usage

拿掉腳踏板 Simply take off the footrest


Originally I think there's not much different from the first usage but actually when Ice cream's pushing or stopping the bike with his feet, the footrest might stuck his feet and get a bit dangerous; while if there's no footrest and he wants to rest his feet, he would just lay on the wheels and get a bit dangerous again. So we actually need to take out and put back the footrest many times depend on his situation and therefore if you have a back-and-forth kid like ours, it can be a bit tiring.


*第三階段組成 The third usage

You can also take out the long handle so the kid can ride it himself/herself.

*第四階段組成 The fourth usage

Take out the seat and add on the long handle --- it becomes the scooter!!

*第五階段組成 The fifth usage

Just a lightly different. Elongate the long handle and the kid can still use it when he/she grow up a bit.

Ice cream: so.... can I ride it now?

Ice cream proudly rode the bike while the poor mom could only push the bike without caring the crazy hair all over her face...


Even though the seat looks a bit hanging (not totally fixed in the back side) but it is actually very sturdy. Because there is no stand in the back side of the seat, it provides the seat some resilience and makes it more comfortable while riding. You can feel the resilience by simply pressing on the long handle bar.

Hey look! I can keep stopping the bike with my feet! (His naughtiness probably comes form his father...)

It's also fun to push the bike with mama~

Walking my own bike is more dashing!!

A week after...

Brought the Globber back to parents home and let my nephew and niece to do the test ride. They just happened to have a scooter already and now they can do the racing....

哥哥永遠都比較誇張,很努力衝刺,但衝半天也沒比較遠 XD
My niece is always over-exaggerated. Keep slamming on the gas and the scooter's still going anywhere. Lol.


Grandma: Go go go! Your bike was taken away...
Ice cream: .... (Chasing his bike)

The scooter with the beautiful leg of my niece. The size is perfect for a 5 year-old kid.



Not even small for a 7 year-old kid...
Don't know why he need such an exaggerated face while riding it...

The elegant sister. Hope Ice cream can be as elegant as she is when he grows up.

Ice cream... keeps running...


It can be noticed that the long handle has been adjusted to fit their height. Like what I introduced in the beginning, it is the 5th way of using Globber. As the size is suitable for kids from 1.5 to 5-7 yr and the sole plate can stand up to 50kg in weight, the bike/scooter is supposed to be used for really a while of time.

My beautiful niece...

Flying princess!

Ice cream... still running..  Lol~




There are still things needed to be addressed:

It is not like a usual bike that can turn immediately while you turn the handle. It kind of tilt a bit while you are shifting your balance and therefore Ice cream never really fall from the bike, but kids who are used to the immediate turning of bicycles might need some time to get used to it.

Let's back to the bouncy wheels. Due to the elasticity the wheels have, they attach to the ground tightly while we try to turn and that helps the bike to be more stable while turning. I guess it's tested many time when the company was producing it.

Shifting the balance from left to right and you can see the direction of the wheels changes a little bit.

Or you can see the video of how it moves.



After that, I asked my nephew and niece which scooter they like more. And their answer were surprisingly the same: Globber. I asked them why they prefer Globber but not the scooter they can turn immediately, my niece didn't know how to explain and my nephew just said he can still turn the scooter by shifting balance.

Although still did not get the answer, but I guess it fine as long as they like it and it's safe... Just that it might needs a bigger space to play with.

Ice cream: can I have my bike back?




Whereas I did surprised my wife with spending such the amount of money for Globber. Being a frugal dad, I always choose the cheapest meal to eat and this is one of the few things that I am willing to spend.

Only a bike/scooter that has so many ways to play and suitable for kids from year 1 to 8 or 9 can fit my stingy requirement.

Although Ice cream still cannot ride the bike or scooter itself, but at least it can save some kid-chasing time and energy of his poor parents. Hope he grows up quickly enough and the day that we can just sit on the chair watching him play would soon to come....

Check on Globber's website for more detail : https://www.globber.com/en/scooters/evo-5-1